Thursday, August 1, 2013

Once Upon a time....They lived Happily Ever After

Once upon a time, well about 2 years ago now, my mom and I helped my cousin with the decor and cake for her wedding.  My wedding had been  17 years before and was 100% budget conscience and almost 100% DIY.  That was long before blog land or Pinterest.  Not to mention if I posted pictures of it now it would seem tacky and dated (hello it was almost 20 years ago now). 

But back to my cousin's wedding. 

She wanted an autumn theme but wanted it to be classy.  She had a baker picked out and wanted to do sheet cakes that would be cut in the kitchen and brought out on plates but she wanted a cake for the decor and also to "cut".  I used Styrofoam cake rounds and covered them with fondant, added round pearls in a diamond pattern to a couple of the layers as well as burgundy ribbon & some bling.


While the wedding was held at an outdoor venue, the reception was held at a local banquet hall.  They provide everything but the personality for the wedding.  I was just new to Pinterest at the time so I started gathering my ideas, we knew we were going with an autumn theme but wanted to make it classy with burgundy accents.  The autumn theme was great because I always decorate a lot for Thanksgiving, I have hosted every year but 2 for almost 20 years (MIL hosted one year and another year we skipped because I was in the hospital with Pneumonia, but that is another story).

The venue had multiple receptions in different ballrooms so we had a table at the entry so everyone would know who was who.  Here is the table at Kari's wedding.  I created the sign on my computer and framed it.  They displayed one of their engagement photos as well as a floral arrangement done by the florist that did the bouquets.

For table decor Kari found lanterns on sale at Menard's, we found candles in Autumn color and then I  went through my autumn stash for goodies.  For half of the tables, we set the lanterns on my green charger plates and add some fall follage  and potpourri to the charger.

For the other tables we used branches combined with some faux leaves on branches that we placed in glass cylinders that we fill with burgundy floral fill from the Dollar Tree, originally we wanted to use cranberries but the wedding was right before fresh cranberries were readily available and the floral fill was more economical.  Funny story about the branches we used, there had been a storm in our are and it took down a tree behind my house and while the owner was cleaning up the tree we asked him if we could take some of the fallen branches.  I think he thought we were insane.  We weren't but I think creativity sometimes comes close.  I set the vases on mirrors and added small votives that had coordinated ribbons attached.

Here are a few shots of the reception are once the tables were complete.

Kari also requested a candy bar.  I again went through my stash and found all of the glass containers as well as a few autumn themed serving pieces.  We didn't want the candy bar to be full all night so we loaded it after dinner.  I unfornuately did not get a picture of it loaded but all the candies were in autumn colors.  Once filled it was as busy as the dance floor. 

On the gift table instead of using a basket or a bird cage for cards, we used a mailbox which I deorated with some leaves and a little birds.  We craved a faux pumpkin with their initial along with a sign reminding guest not to forget to visit the photo booth in the back of the venue. 

I loved that I was able to help my cousin with her wedding.  It was so much fun.  A wedding should be 100% you and even if you can't afford the wedding of your dreams.  Look around, think outside the box and you might just create a wedding that is even better, more special and more you.

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